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How long a weed high lasts depends on factors such as dose, concentration, and delivery method, in addition to your own tolerance and metabolism. Most of the time, a marijuana high lasts between one and four hours. Read on for tips on how to deal with these effects and to learn more about the debate within the medical community over whether weed hangovers are indeed a thing. Despite the similar names, weed hangovers aren’t quite the same as those brought on by alcohol. And for many, weed hangovers tend to be more tolerable than alcohol-related ones.

The Biology And Potential Therapeutic Effects Of Cannabidiol

When water is taken from this membrane it shrinks and causes painful headaches. Another problem that occurs during the breakdown of ethanol is that a lot of energy is used. This depletes the bodies Vitamin https://cbdoilwebs.com/cbd-gummies/ B levels and can cause fatigue. For now, it’s safe to say that consuming CBD away from alcohol may effectively help reduce or halt the dreaded symptoms of a hangover.

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Can Using Marijuana Lead To A Hangover?

The intensity of a hangover can vary from person to person, and many factors can impact the severity of the symptoms. The morning-after effects of weed might be more intense if you tend to smoke weed while also drinking or using other drugs. No one’s totally sure how THC affects weed hangover symptoms, but it’s worth trying low-THC strains to see if they help prevent morning-after symptoms. If you tend to experience weed hangovers, try to avoid using marijuana the night before something important, such as an exam or stressful day at work.

  • One theory is that the body goes through an inflammatory response following a night of drinking.
  • A swing in your blood sugar can lead to severe hangover-like symptoms.
  • Inflammatory responses pull resources away from normal processes to fight the intrusion.
  • In fact, they occur with such regularity that there are hundreds of different home remedies aimed at curing or easing the most common symptoms of hangovers.
  • An inflammatory response is traditionally deployed by the body when a toxin or antigen is introduced into the system; like a virus or bacteria.
  • You probably have been told to drink a bottle of water before going to bed or taking Tylenol before lying down for the night.

The second course of action is how we digest and metabolize alcohol. The liver metabolizes alcohol by first breaking it down into ethanol, which actually creates a toxin known as acetaldehyde — a molecule broken down from liver enzymes that cause a number of hangover symptoms. It’s a powerful antioxidant and neuroprotectant– In plain English, it can help repair cells that have been damaged by heavy drinking. In fact, studies have found CBD can reduce alcohol-related liver damage and neurodegeneration by nearly 50 percent. Before you get ready to hit the casinos, go to the shows, or take in concerts while visiting the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas you might consider stocking up on CBD products.

When abused, alcohol, also known as ethanol, can have a negative effect on our brains and bodies. It is so toxic that our livers have to work in overdrive to break this chemical down so it can be expelled from our system. The liver needs water to carry this out and as ethanol is a diuretic the liver must take water from elsewhere in the body to function which leads to severe dehydration. One source is from the brain’s dura mater, a fluid-filled membrane that separates the brain from the skull.


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