Lightroom Presets Pack pt_21

Know more…. Listed below are 15 Lightroom presets free . We have created them to help alter your photographs from good to great! Get the classic vintage look, make exquisite black and white pictures, or make something really unique with our assortment of cinematic lightroom presets – all for free. Our very best lightroom presets comprise:2x Black & White — 5x Cinematic — 2x Colour Pop — 2 x Soft — 2x Classic — 2x Vignette, plus full instructions about the best way best to install and use this free presets. Watch the consequences they produce below. Download the presets at the bottom of this page. Why buying Lightroom Presets is a waste of cash! Are you currently using Lightroom correctly? Fill those gaps in your knowledge that are holding back you with our Entire Guide into Lightroom Online Course. Examples of our Free Lightroom PresetsHere’s exactly what you can achieve by downloading these presets, with a description of these results they produce. 2x Black and White Lightroom Presets Before preset added Our white and black preset additional Transform your photography into magnificent black and white images with our B&W presets. These are particularly great for enhancing clouds in black and white landscape photography. A great lightroom preset for adding play and turning what could be a dull sky into something special! With no lightroom pre-set Our cinematic preset added Cinematic colour grading is a Lightroom Presets Pack pt fantastic way to change your own photographs. These are a few of our very best lightroom presets and will make your photographs look as though they’re from the huge screen! As well as raising contrast, this particular preset adds cyan to the highlights along with a deep blue into the shadows. A classic cinematic look and it is free of charge! 2x Vintage Lightroom Presets Before Our classic lightroom preset additional Send your photos back in time with our traditional vintage presets. This is a wonderful way to provide your photography that look as though you’ve pulled out it an old dusty chest you found in the loft. This preset desaturates the images whilst warming up the tones and adding a grain impact. Our color pop preset additional Bring your photos to life with our color pop presets. Designed to increase the color in dull shots. They will especially suit photography that has been taken using a high ISO since these shots tend to be dull and have a lot of sound. This uses lightroom to boost colour whilst reducing sound, providing a much more vibrant and smoother look. 2x Soft Lightroom Presets Our gentle lightroom preset added Use this to give a gentle, dreamy feel to your pictures. This preset uses lightroom to Improve the luminance on the image which combines the pixels together to Provide a soft and smooth look to your photography


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